Paul Brannon
I play mainly electric and acoustic guitar, slide, nylon string, along with some mandolin, bouzouki, plectrum-style banjo, Puerto Rican cuatro, dobro.

Band member evolves into studio chameleon. Along the way I learned to read standard notation and Nashville number charts, but still love to play by ear and find the right part.

I’ve played on lots of jingles, helping promote boots, trucks, cars, fast food, sports franchises, theme parks, aquariums, hospitals and more.

I’ve played on lots of demos and artist projects. Also music libraries for broadcast and school music curriculum. Also kid’s musical theater adaptations of broadway shows and movies. Church music for kids and and praise and worship.

I’ve done live-to-tape TV (Crook and Chase on the RFD-TV network 2008).

I have toured the U.S., Canada and Europe as a sideman with the Joe English Band, Greg Volz, The Gaither Vocal Band, Randy Matthews and others.

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