dave_williamson_nashville_studio_orchestraDave Williamson is a multi-faceted musician who lived and worked in Los Angeles for 20 years before moving to Nashville.

While in LA, Dave played woodwinds on many sessions, and began work as an arranger in 1970, which eventually turned into a full-time pursuit.

He arranged for shows appearing at Disney parks, and several other Southern California-based entertainment venues. He also did some minor film scoring, and cartoon TV work, as well as contributing to other facets of the music industry there. However, most of Dave’s output related to the recording industry.

In addition to his instrumental and orchestration experience, Dave became somewhat of a vocal music expert, and as a hobby trained many singers for successful careers as session singers. Among those Dave worked with are Edie Lehmann-Boddicker, and Bobbi Page, both of whom are major vocal contractors in LA today.

Since moving to Nashville in 1989, Dave has focused on arranging music for the contemporary church, having been nominated for numerous Dove awards, winning two for “Musical of the Year.” Since that 1970 beginning, Dave has arranged, produced, or participated in over 500 recording projects.

Specialties include: Full orchestration; Big band arranging; all types of vocal arranging; and music production. Though a veteran musician, Dave stays remarkably current with new sounds and styles.

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